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If your dog jumps up first thing in the morning, then good luck to you. On the other hand if your dog is in his golden years like my little dog Storm, who moves very slowly and carefully out of his nest bed and greets me like only he can,then you know how i feel.

Hes really fragile now and I am afraid to hug him like I always have done so I scoop him up in one go and give him a big kiss and make a big fuss of him. he loves being the center of attention and I will really miss him when he finally departs to doggy heaven. I bought him an orthopedic bed today as it supports him better than his nest bed,and he gets a better sleep.I do hope and pray that I get to spend one more christmas with storm.

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As they age, our puppies regularly endure a decrease in working. Their memory, their capacity to take in, their mindfulness and their faculties of sight and hearing can all disintegrate. This disintegration can bring about unsettling influences in their rest wake cycles, making them fretful during the evening however sluggish amid the day. It can expand their movement level (coming about, for instance, in gazing at articles, meandering carelessly or vocalizing more) or abatement their action level (prompting to less self-care and poor hunger). It can make them overlook already learned signals (orders) or propensities they once knew well, for example, house preparing and coming when called. It can build their uneasiness and inclination to respond forcefully. It can likewise change their social associations with you and different pets in your home. A few pets may turn out to be more clingy and overdependent, while others turn out to be less intrigued by fondness, petting or communication. Understanding the progressions your puppy is experiencing can help you sympathetically and viably manage conduct issues that may emerge in your canine’s senior years.

Make certain to report all progressions you see to your puppy’s veterinarian. Try not to expect that your pooch is “simply getting old” and there is no hope to help him. Many changes in conduct can be indications of treatable therapeutic issue (please observe Precluding Particular Medicinal Issues on Page 2), and there are an assortment of treatments that can comfort your canine and deal with his side effects, including any agony he may understanding.

Notwithstanding looking for expert assistance from your veterinarian and a creature conduct master, (for example, an Affirmed Connected Creature Behaviorist, CAAB or ACAAB) for the age-related conduct issues shrouded in this article, a key contributing component to keeping your more established puppy sound is to keep on playing with him, practice him and prepare him for the duration of his life. You will probably need to adjust play and practice to his slower developments, decreased vitality level, declining visual perception and hearing, and any medicinal conditions he may have. Converse with a Confirmed Proficient Pooch Coach in your general vicinity (CPDT) for the sake of entertainment approaches to instruct your old canine new traps. Quietly remembering his slower expectation to absorb information, you can have a fabulous time honing up corroded practices he once learned and showing him some new practices and traps. A CPDT can likewise help you change your verbal prompts to hand signals if your canine has lost his listening ability and help you alter your preparation for any physical weaknesses your pooch may have created. There are numerous approaches to keep your more established canine’s life intriguing and animating that don’t require incredible physical exertion. It would be ideal if you see our article, Advancing Your Canine’s Life, for some fun thoughts. Similarly as with people, puppies need to utilize their brains and bodies to keep up their mental and physical wellness. As the expression goes, utilize it or lose it!

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Just as every puppy should have a cage, I feel that every dog should have a bed. Like cages, beds offer your dog the sense of security of having a place of her own – a place to get away when she is tired or just needs quiet time by herself. Chances are, it will become her favorite spot in your home. Orthopedic beds help maintain the health of older dogs or those who are convalescing.

If you have ever lived with dogs, like I have all my life, you know they tend to select couches, chairs, or beds as a place to rest or sleep. They prefer the comfort and warmth these items of furniture offer compared to a hard floor. Dog beds provide the same comfort benefits and they keep pets off furniture – an important consideration for many pet owners who prefer to keep their furniture free from pet hair. A bed introduced at an early age, reinforced with consistent training, will keep your pet off your furniture for its entire life.

Many of the beds we offer contain cedar chips. In addition to adding a pleasant aroma, cedar has natural flea repellent characteristics that will help prevent infestation of your dog. We also design many of our beds with a zippered inner liner so you can add fresh cedar or more polyfil whenever you choose. Zippered outer liners allow for easy removal and laundering.

If your pet develops joint problems such as hip dysplasia, is a particularly large breed or is overweight, or when age brings on conditions like arthritis, consider an Orthopedic Bed made of medical-grade orthopedic foam to provide the support your pet needs while helping to relieve pain and discomfort.

Where you place your dog’s bed is entirely up to you and your dog. Just remember it is her resting place so it is best not to place it in a high traffic area of your home. Many pet owners place their pet’s bed in their cage or crate once it is house trained, while others prefer a location near where they spend much of their time so their companion is always nearby. We offer a wide selection of styles and color choices that enable you to choose a bed and changeable cover that complements your decor.

I love imparting knowledge that I have gained keeping dogs all my life.I ask all fellow doglovers to link to me so that we can share our experience and love of dogs with the world.

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Dogbed aids that improve your dogs life

Dog blues

Hi Guys

Its late and I cant sleep, I have to go to work in a few hours but I just wanted to share something  with you. My dog Max is gone into hospital and I miss him so so much, he has something wrong with his stomach, hes coughing up his food so the vet is keeping him in for 2 weeks, theirs an empty space on my couch and my heart is sinking. The only consolation is that i have a photo of him and me on the mantle piece. My girl friend came over but to tell you the truth I just wanted to be on my own and I feel rotten now for telling her I needed some space, am I going insane I have concluded I have the dog blues and they have covered me with their dark clouds, but now that I have put a name on it, i can cope better, I can , sharing my feelings with the world is a good thing and now I am going to ring my girl friend and apoligise . I know they are people like me who feel the same way as I do when we are separated from our loved ones so I dont feel so weird or what ever.

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Put Money into the Dogbed”

Hello Guys

Greetings from my sitting room, Everyone is out, its just me, the radio, the dog and oh dear its raining outside and its cold but enough about me. Today I want to talk about DOG BEDS. Well the first and most important piece of advice that i would give anyone is the and  I am going to hightlight this because it is so important and here it is

“Put Money into your DOG BED”

In the early days I did not know the importance of a dog bed but I learned a lot over the years and I have shared this knowledge with my fellow dog lovers.

Like us humans dogs wanted a comfortable place to relax and sleep.

Research has shown us that dogs on average sleep up to  12 hours a day and so it follows that where they sleep is of utmost importance. Imagine if you were a dog and you had to sleep in an unsuitable dogbed which was lumpy and uncomfortable and not at all supportive, You would not be too happy would you?? The truth is, that is what happens when you buy a dogbed that you think would be suitable for your dog , only to find that he dosent like it and dogs do have a way of telling you that they dont feel comfortable in the dog bed you bought for them because like us humans every dog is different and their needs are unique.

I have come to understand this uniqueness and have observed how my dogs sleeps, his size and weight, the types of fillings in dog beds etc to help me make the best possible choice that would suit my dog, his name is TRUMP by the way a Golden Retriever, hes a fussy sort , he certainly does NOT like to share, he wants all my attention when we are out and about but I love that about him, sometimes I wonder Who owns Who?

My friends have asked me to come with them to the Dog Store on many occasions to help them buy a dog bed for their dog and I found the CHOICE was not there as we live on an island and choice is limited.

So I decided to set up a website with a wide variety and range of quality brands of dog beds for them to choose from, offering my advice and tips and it hit the road running pardon the pun, and the feedback was phenomenal, I did not know that their are many

people out there that made the same mistakes as me in buying unsuitable dog beds that only lasted a short time ,only to find they had to fork out their hard earned cash to buy yet another dog bed. I have been thanked again and again for the information that I have shared on my website http://www.dogbedcomforter.com, oh my God I am starting to blush now, its a humbling experience to be appreciated.

They are literally thousands of dogbeds to choose from and IF YOU take my advice  on dogbeds you Will SAVE MONEY , I mean that and the feedback that I am receiving backs that up.Lets take a brief look of the different types of dogbeds, first off there is the general catergory of dog beds which people type into google such as

dog beds for small,medium large, xlarge beds

dog beds for Chewers

dog beds for the older Dog

Waterproof Dog Beds

Dog bed covers

Orthopedic Dog beds

Dog bed for a Great Dane, Boxer etc

People want answers to these questions and I have shared my knowledge to answer these important issues and I thank all my fellow dog lovers for their support and custom.

Well I have to go now TRUMP wants to  go for his walk , he is starting to get jumpy so I will finish up now and talk later.

Christmas is coming guys get something nice for your faithful friend..


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